A tribute to Canada's first Prime Minister and architect of Confederation
Sir John A. Macdonald


John A.
By: Charlie Mills

\Glasgow bar you're born
A child raised on Kingston shores
Did you miss your brother dearly?
Did you do your best?
Did you try to make him proud?
And would you do it all again?
To get your face back on the ten
Would the vision still compel you?
Of a rail and land that stretched
From sea to sea
And would you believe your eyes?
If you could see
What this northern land could do
Let the day belong to you
Go build a nation new
John A.

Tough talkin' Scot, 67 plot
And with any luck
Gin Blossom Statesman
Victorian Salesman
The Original Canuck
Some deaths in the family
Gotcha down,
tipping that Bottle to the crown
Hey hey John A

And with the new Dominion on the way
Gotta meet them down in Charlottetown
Gotta sell the B N A
Hey Hey John A

And this is for your main man
Darcy McGee
Father of Confederation gunned down
In the by-town streets
He helped you stop the Fenian Raids
Dead in your arms along the way
Hey Hey John A

So who cares what George Brown will say
We got a National Policy on the way
Hey Hey John A

This is for the North West Mounted Police
Territory risin' up, you sent the out
To keep the peace.
They helped you stop the Big Bear Cree
And you hate on those Metis
Shame, Shame John A

So who cares what George Brown will say
We got a National Policy on the way
Hey Hey John A

And what about Louis Reil
Had his day in court, you couldn't tell
You didn't have to hang him
And we say that to this day
Hey, Hey John A
But Wo-oh it got you money for the railroads
Wo-oh westward railroad
Wo-oh money for the railroads
Ride it all the way
Hey Hey John A
Here we go...all aboard!

This is for the men that died on the mountain pass
Who carried nitroglycerin in their hands
With the head-tax yet to come
They laid that track for everyone
Hey Hey John A

And when the railroad is done
Golden spike gleaming in the sun
We're gonaa ride-this iron horse
Into Vancouver Bay-hey hey John A

And I raise a glass to you all through
Each Dominion Day
Hey Hey John A……Raise a glass to John A
Hey Hey John A


from Work In Progress, released May 10, 2013



all rights reserved


Charlie Mills Toronto, Ontario

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

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